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Trauma Informed vs. Trauma Specific Services

Trauma-Informed Services Trauma-Specific Services

Increasing the awareness, knowledge and skills of,the entire workforce to deliver services that are effective, efficient,,timely, respectful and person-centered taking into consideration that service,providers may also have histories of trauma.

Services build on the,connections between trauma, mental health, and substance use, in the course,of work with all clients; recognize trauma symptoms and adaptations; and,offer strategies that increase safety and support connections to internal and,external services.

Focus on creating safe, welcoming physical spaces.

Increasing the awareness, knowledge and skills of,the clinical workforce in delivering evidence-based treatment designed to,address the cognitive, emotional, behavioural, substance use and/or physical issues,associated with trauma.

Offers services that are based on detailed,assessments of a client’s trauma; explain, discuss and seek consent to engage,in specific treatment for trauma; offer services in trauma-informed,environments; and involve practitioners with specialized skills.

(Adapted from BC MHSU, 2013)